[Functional changes of the cardiovascular system and their pharmacological correction during suited immersion].


In the course of 126 man/exposures of 3 hours to 3 days in duration, in which 39 test subjects took part, circulation responses to the upright and supine body position during suited immersion as well as orthostatic and exercise tolerance after immersion were investigated. During 24 man/exposures for 2 days the subjects were administered per os placebo or one of the four neurotrophic drugs: sydnocarb, sydnogluton, sydstrigluton, estrigluton. Clinical observations, instrumented data and methodical features of the immersion model used give evidence that the suited immersion has advantages over currently used procedures simulating the effects of hypogravity. The drugs allowed cardiovascular correction that increased aerobic capacity of the body and enhanced cardiovascular orthostatic and exercise tolerance.


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